Free for Coming, Installment Three


This Free for Coming on the subject of the presidential candidates and life:

Smokin’ Barry and John McCain met in L.A. at Saddleback on Saturday, as every sentient human adult in America now knows. I didn’t watch the performances (though I’m given to understand that McCain smoked him pretty good), but a key topic was abortion. Further, McCain has weighed in on the possibility that he’d select a pro-choice running mate. Several posts on these topics:

Doug Groothuis says that McCain would be committing political suicide to select a Tom Ridge as his veep (Doug’s right):

Senator, Come to Your Senses!

Sorry, but there’s no permalink, so you gotta just scroll down to that August 15 post.

Next, Warren Throckmorton wonders whether Smokin’ Barry was telling the truth regarding his vote in the Illinois legislature on a bill similar to the “Infants Born Alive” Act. The Messiah claimed that the National Right to Life Committee was lying about his record.

Did Barack Tell the Truth?

Hmmm…turns out NLRC was right, and Smokin’ Barry was lying:

Obama’s Cover-Up

And the NY Sun’s article on the controversy:

Obama Facing Attacks from All Sides over Abortion Record

Smokin’ Barry dodged the question as to when human life begins, saying that the question was “above his pay grade”. Nice answer, Messiah-Boy…but here are what a few folks who are “above his pay grade” have to say about the simple fact:

When Does Human Life Begin?

Further yet, Obama claimed that abortions hadn’t gone down under the Bush administration, but had gone up…uhh, Barry, before you say something stupid on such an issue of fundamental importance to millions of Americans, perhaps taking a moment to actually check the facts would be helpful. From the (liberal) Alan Guttmacher Institute comes:

Abortion Rates: A Thirty-Year Low


  1. Laurie on August 21, 2008 at 1:55 am

    Obama looked uncomfortable, stuttered alot, danced around questions he didn’t want to answer, looked down alot – he’s not so good without a script. This man is a puppet, IMHO.

    McCain was relaxed, confident, direct – he’s a leader. Of the two, he is definitely the better choice.

    These men were both asked about their faith; when Obama answered, he sounded so awkward and I’m thinking – if you don’t feel comfortable talking about your belief in God in a CHURCH…sorry, but I’m not convinced he really has any faith. McCain, on the other hand, had no problem letting everyone know where he stood, the story he told about the guard who drew the cross in the dirt – this is a man who is not ashamed of the Lord.

    Look at the difference in these two answers to the question, what does Christianity mean to you?
    Obama: Well, as a starting point, it means I believe that Jesus Christ died for my sins, and that I am redeemed through him. That is a source of strength and sustenance on a daily basis. I know that I don’t walk alone. And I know that if I can get myself out of the way that, you know, I can maybe carry out in some small way what he intends. And it means that those sins that I have, on a fairly regular basis, hopefully will be washed away.

    (yes, it sounded wishy-washy, too – there was more, but I won’t bore you with it, it was just more blah blah blah)

    McCain: It means I’m saved and forgiven. And we’re talking about the world. Our faith encompasses not just the United States of America, but the world.

    Simple and to the point.

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