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Of “Stolen Elections” and Christian Witness

By Byron / April 25, 2021 /

A few weeks back, I surprised my wife with a trip to New Orleans, a trip made even more exciting by the arrival, from Colorado, of her sister and brother-in-law. The Big Easy was fun; been there now, done that, no need to really go back. I had engaged in this small conspiracy for a…

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60 Years of Blessings

By Byron / September 9, 2020 /

Today, I turn 60 years of age. Just writing that seems surreal. I know, “60 is the new 40”, but wow. Just…wow. And that’s all I have to say about thaaaa-aat. I decided that the best way I could celebrate would be to “count my blessings”, in the words of the old hymn; to “name…

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The Most Important Vote I Will Cast this Year…

By Byron / September 3, 2020 /

does not involve deciding between presidential candidates. I want to begin this piece with two truths that seem obvious to me. I say the first one first because when you read the second one, you may be tempted to doubt that I am serious about the first one. So the first one is this: you…

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Dr. MacArthur Has Altered the Gospel

By Byron / August 27, 2020 /

Last evening, I began a four-part teaching series entitled, “What is the Gospel?”. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the center of the church; absent the gospel, the church…isn’t. The gospel must be treated with utmost seriousness, proclaimed with utmost urgency, and guarded with utmost security. If you are my friend, and you mess with…

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How to Elect a President

By Byron / July 7, 2020 /

Short answer: NOT the way we are doing it. As I write this, Americans are looking at a choice that many find very unappealing: Donald Trump or Joe Biden will be sworn in on a cold Wednesday in January. This on the heels of the election of 2016, where both candidates were loathed to a…

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