Clarity: 7 Stanzas at Midterm

A midterm soliloquy.
Hail! The midterms are here;
Let us greet them with cheer,
As we suffer this national frump.
We’ve got problems galore,
Folks in pain, and what’s more,
The Dems run D.C.; one big clump!
The border, inflation,
Too much crime in our nation;
The voters will know who to dump:
Pelosi, and Schumer,
And old Joe; it’s no rumor,
Are pains in our collective rump.
So on Bolduc, on Masters,
They won’t be disasters!
They cut a fine swath on the stump.
Run Herschel! Go Oz!
Thanks for joining the cause!
Just your names put us over the hump.
And now Kevin McCarthy
Will have a House party
Into dear Nancy’s chair will he jump.
Soon the red wave will roll,
And we’ll have full control
And leave Dems to grouse and to grump.
First, we’ll vote, then we’ll sort ’em,
As we do our post-mortem,
And bask, as those liberals we thump.
But the wave? It’s a trickle,
And the voters sure are fickle,
No Senate, and the House? Not much bump.
So then what shall we learn
As we, quite taciturn
Consider this November slump
Is there someone to blame
Pray tell, give us a name
That we might heap our scorn on this chump!
Who has hosted this low
Unreality show
That has left us all in a kerflump?
Now the answer is clear
As we cry in our beer
Bring us the head of…
Mitch McConnell, as well as the lying liberal media, and you know the election was stolen in Maricopa County, right?

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