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Reserve a Spot in Heaven!

June 29, 2008

Uh, no. Reserve a Spot in Heaven Thanks, I’m pretty sure God’s made a real way through Jesus. Thanks, but no thanks.

Live-Blogging the EFCA National Conference – Installment 5

June 26, 2008

UPDATE: 11:39 AM – By a vote of 630 to (I think) 105, the proposed revised Statement of Faith became the Statement of Faith. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I then offered a resolution, unanimously (I hope!) adopted, calling us to unity, recognizing the efforts and dedication of our leadership, etc. UPDATE: 10:51…

Hello world! How about a radical idea?

March 20, 2004

As all of us are aware, we live in an age in which marriage is under
attack from many different directions. Cutting to the chase, the
most recent widespread such attack is the one which most clearly and
dangerously undermines the institution itself, and that is the
proposed radical redefinition of the very concept of marriage.

The purpose of this debate….

March 20, 2004

The purpose is this, and I guess I’d say it’s several-fold:

1. To awaken Christians to the seriousness of the issue–and maybe,
just maybe, in the process, to get them to think about the other
issues related to God-honoring marriage

Xenos Christian Fellowship

March 20, 2004

A while back, on a Saturday night, I went to Xenos Christian Fellowship
in Columbus for their Saturday evening service, what they call “CT”
(“Central Teaching”). Goofy name, to be sure, and they have NO
MUSIC, which bums me, but what a COOL church

chaordic church?

March 20, 2004

Len Sweet loves to use his newfangled words (“chaordic” – huh?), but
he is onto something. The early church was a MOVEMENT in many
respects; the contemporary church, in even its most contemporary
manifestations, I fear (Willow Creek, Saddleback, etc.) is an