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Obama's "Christianity"

July 6, 2008

Is Jesus the only way to eternal life, as Christians believe, or are there many paths? Barack Obama thinks the latter. Now, I do not believe that a person must profess to be a Christian in order to serve as our President. What I do believe is that a person ought to be genuine about…

Canadian Craziness: The Canucks are at it Again

July 6, 2008

Two chilling stories you need to read regarding our nutty neighbors to the north: Senators Approve Anti-Spanking Bill Another Chilling Precedent: A Court Overrules a Parent Think that liberalism is harmless? Think again: contemporary liberalism steals rights in the name of its own twisted concept of societal correctness.

An Environmental Quiz

July 6, 2008

Question 1: Which of the following consumed many times more electricity, in his household, than the average American? A. An oil company bigwig B. A fatcat Republican donor C. Donald Trump D. A noted “environmentalist” who got filthy rich through his work for the “environment” Question 2: How many average American households could be powered…

Two Obamas

July 5, 2008

This article should help anyone who remains who believes that Smokin’ Barry is anything other than just another (albeit, exceptional) politician. The Two Obamas

Is Jesus "Safe for the Whole Family"?

July 4, 2008

Chad Hall at Out of Ur has a good post about something I’ve been thinking for awhile; it’s rare that I listen to “Christian music” radio these days (“The Fish”, “K-Love”, or what-have-you), and for similar reasons to this: Tuning Out Christian Radio For anyone who’s been around long enough to remember, you know I’ve…

A Word Re the Ronald Weinland Thread

July 4, 2008

We are having technical difficulties regarding the Weinland thread (the most popular thread in this meager blog’s history). In short, I shut down discussion for a period of 72 hours after some things got too heated, and then I posted a piece (that apparently can’t be seen unless you’re logged in) and opened the thread…