An Abbreviated Bucket List


I’ve never seen the film—but I get the concept.  What are the things I’d yet like to do whilst I trod this mortal coil?  I used to have a three-part list—and I’m oh-for-three, sad to say—that consisted of:

  • Run the Boston Marathon.
  • Bike across the country.
  • Appear on Jeopardy.

I guess my time on Scrabble got me closest to one of them, but I don’t expect to do any of those yet in my life.  I’m shedding no tears, because they don’t make a current “Bucket List”.  Things that do:

  • I want to do a stand-up comedy gig.  Seriously.  I’m working on material even as we speak.  Watch for it on YouTube.  Eventually.
  • There are several places I’d like to go on the planet: Europe, the Holy Land, Rio (again—the beauty cannot be overestimated).
  • I’ve always wanted to write a book.  The obstacles are at least two: discipline is the first, and subject matter is the second.  I’d still like to do it.
  • I want to learn to play the guitar.  This is simply a matter of deciding to get serious about it.  It can be done.

I’m sure that if I gave it a little more thought, I could add two or three more things to the list, but that’ll do for now…

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