Paul Begala: Clueless


Wow, how far off the beam do you have to be to write this tripe? I’m leaving for the Atlanta Tea Party after I eat dinner. Watch for me on Hannity…


  1. Laurie on April 19, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    Who said we don’t want to pay “our fair share” of taxes? What I have a problem with is the Dems deciding what MY fair share is.

    Interesting how Paul chooses not to talk about the main issue here, which is GOVERNMENT SPENDING. What I protest is the feds using MY TAXES to bail out banks with bad management that made bad decisions. What I protest is using MY TAXES to bail out companies with bad management that made bad decisions. Call me crazy but I’m seeing a pattern…a government with bad management that is making bad decisions.

    The “clods” at Fox, as well as the Tea Party protestors, are well aware that we have “representation” – this was a clear message to said representation that WE’RE NOT OKAY WITH THIS!!!

    He’s whining about the shoddy conditions endured by our soldiers in Iraq during the Bush administration? Where was he when that was going on? That’s a sad attempt to side step the issues.

    He’s deliberately presenting this as an issue with paying taxes, period. Wrong. The issue is Obama is taking a bad situation and making it far worse. Two wrongs have never made a right – when I look at my finances, if I see that I’ve spent too much money, the LAST THING that would ever come to my mind is to spend even more money to fix it. This administration is so lacking in common sense it boggles the mind.

    My grade on Paul’s article? F-

    • Byron on April 20, 2009 at 9:54 am

      And one more thing: does Begala’s patrician elitism come through to you in this article? The unwashed masses, too stupid to think for ourselves, are being led astray by evil Fox News, etc. Thomas Sowell calls the Begala-types the “enlightened”, as they imagine themselves smarter than the hoi polloi, and thus morally superior and called to lead us on our upward evolutionary march toward socialist nirvana. Goodness knows we’d be lost without ’em… 🙁

  2. Laurie on April 20, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    I particularly like this quote, “But now that WE THE PEOPLE have decided to set things right, now that WE’VE hired Obama to fix the mess conservatives created, now they’re protesting.”

    I wasn’t aware that we conservatives aren’t part of WE THE PEOPLE.

    Oh, and I like how he’s given a new name to April 15 – PATRIOT’S DAY. That name’s already been taken, though – it was given to September 11 – he should have done his homework. Of course, he’s trying to make the point of how unpatriotic we are not to be HAPPY to let the government take and spend our money and not let us have any say on HOW they’re spending it.

    I wonder how far down Obama’s shopping list new soldier equipment is …

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