Free for Coming, Installment One


For some time now, I’ve had a “catch all” category I’ve called “Free for Coming” (members of churches I’ve pastored will recognize that title, believe me!). I think that I’m going to periodically, perhaps several times a week, post some links that I’ve found and want to pass on under this category heading. And so, without further ado, Free for Coming, Installment One!

Here’s a great post I was alerted to by my little buddy Don; it’s a little dated, but it’s a post written by one Michelle about another Michelle:

Two Michelles, Two Americas

John Frye gives us some food for thought about the “miniaturizing” of the glorious gospel of grace:

The American Sound Byte Gospel

Want to read a straight-on, unapologetic apologetic for unrestricted abortion-on-demand, right from the mouth of a true blue liberal? Here’s one:

Unnecessary Evil

All I can say is, “woe to those who call evil ‘good’, and good, ‘evil'” (Isaiah 5:20).

How deep and wide is the grace of God?

Son of Hamas Leader Turns Back on Islam and Turns to Christianity

Skye Jethani (how do you get a name like that?) gets it right when he asks, regarding pastoral ministry,

Great is Thy Effectiveness?

Here’s the money shot from Internet Monk’s latest post on church membership: “Jesus followers who wish to eliminate, reinterpret or reduce the church face the problem that nothing in the New Testament is on their side.” Amen and amen; read more at

Church Basics

And a double-dip on church membership from IMonk, this

An Interview with Pastor Kevin Hash

Justin Taylor blogs about Smokin’ Barry’s 100% commitment to abortion:

Obama and the Freedom of Choice Act

One poster had it right: Barack Obama apparently “has never heard of a baby at any stage of development that he didn’t want to ensure that women would be free to kill.”

Finally, Jollyblogger David Wayne is one of many who passes on this wisdom

On Passing on Bad Reports

Thhhhaaaaaat’s all, folks!

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