Free for Coming 11/13/08 – The Post-Election Edition


Well, for better or worse, we’ve got ourselves a new president-elect, and we will all need to find a way to live with that fact over the course of at least the next four years. Some thoughts:

John Ortberg has a good read on the 7 Deadly Sins of Evangelicals in Politics.

Jack Brooks has some observations on Why McCain Lost. I actually think that it came down to two things: one, he ran a meandering, direction-less campaign that gave anybody paying attention a certain amount of discomfort as to what kind of president he’d make, while Obama, credit-where-it’s-due, ran a great campaign. Two, the financial meltdown killed whatever hopes he had, because the party in power will always get blamed, no matter what the real reasons for such a happening (but there is lots of blame to go around on both sides of the aisle for this one).

Don Black gives some Final Thoughts on the Election. Say what you will about the Reverend Jackson, it’s moving to see him in tears as an African-American man is elected to the presidency.

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds has some thoughts on the post-election retirement of Brit Hume, a solid follower of Christ.

Deborah Howell of the Washington ComPost admits what we all know: An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage. Duhhh…ya think so?

Jeffrey Shapiro says that The Treatment of President Bush Has Been a Disgrace. Though I’ve not been too keen on a lot of what Bush has done, Shapiro is dead-on. The animosity that has come from the left in this country is astounding and, dare I say, unpatriotic. Disagree with a man’s policies? Believe he’s a poor president? Fine. But those things can be done without the vitriol. Sadly, they haven’t been.

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