"…Be Good for Goodness' Sake!"


So say the humanists who’ve decided to take on the subject, “why believe in a god” this Christmas season. You’ve probably already heard about this, but here’s the link:

“Why Believe in a God?”

Couple of starter questions for my humanist friends:

1. Who defines “good” in a system without a fixed moral reference point (God and His law)? What’s
“good” to some folks is “bad” to others. Is “good” to be determined by majority vote? 91% of Americans admit to lying with regularity. Is lying a good thing then? Or is it possible that humanists want to smuggle some semblance of “religious ethics” into the conversation, while at the same time rejecting the aspects of “religion” that they find icky?

2. “For goodness’ sake”? Wow, that’s compelling…why in the world, if there’s no God to Whom I must give account, would I ever do anything that might bring me inconvenience or pain? Why not always just look out for number 1?

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