Combating Neo-Fascism, or “What’s an Evangelical Cake Baker to Do?”


This is not about homosexuality.

Neither is it about “gay marriage”, though it is significantly occasioned by it.

It’s about neo-fascism, this rapidly-spreading cancer on the body politic that demands uniformity of thought and belief at the point of a gun, this insidious shut-up-and-agree-or-we-will-bury-you, anti-American freedom-squelching disease with progressive roots that threatens our society.  It’s about my suggestion to stop it in its tracks, as least insofar as the current debate over businesspeople being forced against their will to participate in events with which they disagree. I begin by calling it what it is: it is the attempt, by sheer force of law, to bring into compliance with the “enlightened social order” those stubborn traditionalists who cling to that outdated relic, “religion”, and it’s fascism, practiced today, as usual, by a faction of those on the left (a fact borne out by Jonah Goldberg in his excellent Liberal Fascism).  We all know by now of the baker in Oregon, the florist in Washington, the photographer in New Mexico; these folks, citing religious beliefs, refused to participate in ceremonies to which they objected (an oft-deliberately-obscured fact is, of course, that each of these individuals willing and gladly served homosexual individuals, refusing only to participate in “gay weddings”).  And we all know the outcomes: in each case, the courts found against the service providers, fining and otherwise penalizing these businesspeople.

I continue to argue that the market should take care of such issues, rather than some “human rights commission” or what-have-you, that if businesses don’t want to engage in certain events, and are willing to suffer the economic/whatever consequences, so be it.  I don’t want a Muslim baker to have to bake for a bar mitzvah, a Jewish photographer to be compelled to photograph a Nazi Party shindig, a gay florist to have to do the flower arrangements for Focus on the Family.  I have a good friend who is a video producer; I don’t want him to be forced to shoot a porn flick (I am quite certain he wouldn’t, regardless of the consequences).

And so what is the Christian (or Muslim, or Jewish, or…) businessperson to do when faced with such a dilemma?  I have my solution, and I offer it to whomever might benefit thereby.  It hinges on respect, and it involves a two-way street.  It further recognizes that apparently we have reached the place where, the neo-fascists currently winning, such businesses are forced to comply.  But there are things which cannot be forced, decisions that can be made beyond the purview or reach of the neo-fascists and liberal court rulings.  Read on…

I will put myself in the position, for the sake of this argument, of a photographer asked to shoot a ceremony against his beliefs; certain adjustments would naturally have to be made for other professions, as you’ll shortly see, but I think you can catch my drift.  Keep reading…

It begins with a written contract, a contract given to every potential customer, outlining services to be performed.  It then contains a section rendered thusly:

“I am a Christian, and I respect every individual as a person made in the image of God.  I am committed to treating individuals with respect, and I ask of them the same.  As a Christian I also have convictions regarding the nature of marriage.  I believe that legitimate marriage cannot take place between a man and more than one woman; I do not believe “group marriage” is a real marriage; in short, I believe that nothing other than a one-man/one-woman arrangement can be understood as marriage.  As such, it is my strong preference not to be asked to be involved in anything calling itself a wedding other than one conforming to what I believe.  I ask for your respect for my views.

“However, with the recent rise of neo-fascism, courts have declared that I am bound to be involved in other ‘weddings’ or face penalties, including even the potential loss of my ability to do business.  In other words, if a person chooses to disrespect my beliefs and to cooperate with these forces of neo-fascism, I am powerless to resist.  Since this is the case, I will thus reluctantly perform these services.

“This being said, if my beliefs are treated with such contempt, while I am statutorily obligated to provide the service, there is no court in the world which can prescribe my attitude, and I can only promise that, if disrespected and forced to perform such services against my will, my attitude will certainly reflect the same lack of respect that I am being shown.  Herewith, I enumerate likely conditions of my service in order to give fair notice to any persons considering using my services under these circumstances:

  • Please do not expect me to smile or to communicate verbally, facially, or in any other way any attitude other than contempt for the situation in which I will find myself. My body language, words, facial expression: all of these are likely to reflect my attitude toward being forced to perform these services.  Please initial your understanding of these facts with regard to my attitude.  ____
  • Please understand that my goal will be to provide the agreed-upon services and then to leave the proceedings as rapidly as possible. Therefore, I will have little patience for interruptions, delays, and the like.  Expect this attitude to come to the fore in the event of any issues or problems we might encounter.  Do not expect me to accommodate any requests that would in any way inconvenience me beyond the written and agreed-upon specifics of this contract.  Please initial your understanding of these facts with regard to the parameters of my work. ____
  • Please understand that while I will faithfully perform the minimum requirements as required by this contract, I will not in any way, shape, or form, go beyond the strict, legally-spelled-out work specified herein. Do not expect spur-of-the-moment creativity.  Do not expect me to draw upon my past experience to offer suggestions or ideas.  Be clear to tell me what you want in strict detail, and I will capture those pictures, and nothing more.  Please initial your understanding of the fact that I will perform the bare minimum of services spelled out in detail. ____
  • Finally, please understand that after providing the contractually-required services, I shall donate all proceeds from this transaction to an organization such as Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, or the Republican Party, in your honor. Please initial your understanding that I will be supporting a pro-family organization by donating the proceeds of this event in their entirety to this organization in your honor.  ____

“If, after understanding my position and the terms of this contract, you determine that you wish to proceed, I shall in accord with the terms of this contract perform the stipulated services.”

What do you think, my readers?

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