5 Things about the NBA Finals So Far


From time to time, I am going to post under the category, “5 Things”.  The first category is something I’ve never blogged about positively before: the NBA.

1. Though I’m not an NBA fan and have only really watched the ends of the first two games, this is pretty compelling stuff.

2. I love the entire Curry family.

3. LeBron James is a class act, and the Cavs deserved to win Game 2, because frankly, he got ripped off a couple times on late calls.

4. If the Cavaliers win the championship, given all the circumstances, LeBron climbs a good bit closer to “Jordan Territory”.  I’m serious.

5. If there has ever been a purer J in the history of basketball than that of Steph Curry, I don’t know whose it is.  Silk.

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