Yes, You Can Have that Margarita…


Sane biblical analysis is sometimes lacking on certain subjects in the church, and drinking alcohol is one of them. I grew up much like one of the fellows in this video did, with a belief that any drinking of alcohol at any time was inherently sinful. For some time now, I haven’t believed that the Scripture teaches that–but it’s still tempting to add to Scripture in this area (and probably in other areas as well). Here’s some good stuff from some guys at McLean Bible Church:


Total abstinence from alcohol is a valid and honorable position, and for some people, specifically those who cannot drink in strict moderation, it is the only position that I can justify. But at the same time, I cannot justify total abstinence as the Biblical position on the subject–and I don’t think anybody can who looks at the question, not through their upbringing or denominational lens, but through a thorough, and honest, study of the Scriptures.


  1. Mark Merritt on March 23, 2009 at 4:48 am

    Agreed. You and I spoke of this one time at a pastor’s conference in Wooster, OH., I do believe.

    Unfortunately, my late teens and early twenties were proof that I need to be an abstainer.

    And yes, the desire for alcohol was completely removed the night I decided to follow Christ. Coincidence? I think not!

  2. Laurie on March 23, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    The church I was raised in was very legalistic, so of course no drinking was allowed. None of my family drank, so I wasn’t really exposed to it until after I was 21.

    The day I accepted Christ I got rid of alot of things I thought should no longer be part of my life, including music, books, movies, alcohol, etc. As I looked to the Bible for instruction on how to live a Christian life, I made adjustments along the way, as I realized some of the things I had originally rejected were the result of what I had been taught growing up.

    I certainly don’t want to do anything God doesn’t want me to do, and I’m not looking for loopholes so I can do what I want; but I also don’t particularly want to live by someone else’s conscience.

    What concerns me about people who choose not to drink is that sometimes they think they are somehow more spiritual or righteous than those who do. During my first year as a Christian, while I was still searching the scriptures to decide how I should conduct myself, I tried not to come off as being “holier than thou” when I was around people who were drinking. I didn’t mention it unless they asked, and tried not to sound superior – I figured any points I was making with God by abstaining would be cancelled out by being prideful about it.

    I agree with what the guys on the video were saying, we should avoid being drunk, submit to the laws concerning drinking, and be careful not to “stumble” anyone. Having said that, I think it’s a personal decision, and each person should act according to their own conscience.

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