Xenos Christian Fellowship


A while back, on a Saturday night, I went to Xenos Christian Fellowship in Columbus for their Saturday evening service, what they call “CT” (“Central Teaching”). Goofy name, to be sure, and they have NO MUSIC, which bums me, but what a COOL church, in this respect: these people really do life together. Xenos is a collection of house churches/small groups, and these people are extremely well-discipled (check out their website, xenos.org) and at the same time involved in each other’s lives. I found myself thinking that I wish I had learned of Xenos 20 years ago, before I headed into ministry, because these people are doing church RIGHT, in many respects. After CT, every week (I think), they have a big deck party with hamburgers and sand volleyball and stuff. They enjoy each other’s company, and build friendships. I hung out and was deeply
impressed. There is a lot of other stuff I liked about it, but I’d encourage you to go to the website and look at some stuff there.