Without Having to Fire a Shot


David Limbaugh on the brick wall Barack Obama is (deservedly) facing in his attempts to radically and fundamentally remake America.

I never thought I’d say this, but as much as I detested the personal ethics (read: lack thereof) of the First Felon, Mr. Clinton, the simple truth is this: he was a far, far better president than the current one (and perhaps, at the risk of alienating a lot of my friends, a better president than at least the second term of the last one, certain of his social policies aside). If given a choice, I’d take Bill Clinton back in a heartbeat. Wow, that sounds weird to admit, but it’s true; Clinton’s interest seemed to always center on what would make him look good, rather than a strict adherence to an ideological bent, particularly one as utterly radical as that of Mr. Obama.

We are in the middle of a battle for the very soul of our country, folks. I have nothing personal against Barack Obama, but his ideology is far-left (do a little reading up on some of his “czars” to confirm that), and it boggles the imagination to think what kind of Amerika we’d have left if we gave folks of this political persuasion a blank check.

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