What Passes for Intelligent Discourse at Newsweek


This is the cover story, I believe, for the newest Newsweek magazine, a silly polemic trying to argue that the Bible justifies “gay marriage”:

Our Mutual Joy

I link to it suggesting that you read the utter silliness of Lisa Miller’s arguments and look for all the straw men, ad hominems, logical fallacies, and gross distortions that this pathetic piece of “journalism” dredges up in order to build a case for “gay marriage” from the Bible. As much as anything else, this piece stands as a mute indictment of the state of journalism today, and of the bankrupt reasoning skills of so many on the left. Wow, is it bad…

UPDATE: Here’s a great piece by Get Religion on the juvenile nature of Lisa Miller’s piece:

Sola Scriptura without the Scriptura

Really, when encountering arguments as silly as those of Ms. Miller, one doesn’t know whether to try to answer them or just to laugh bemusedly at them…


  1. sherry on December 8, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    Jonathan and David ?? !! ?? !!


  2. Derlin on December 9, 2008 at 8:41 pm

    Wow, just wow. The funny thing is that there’s actually truth in the article. Much of it is out of context, and some of it is grossly misinformed, but the rest, if developed and properly questioned and examined might have actually made for a legitimate argument. I might not have agreed with it, but I might have been able to respect it. Even funnier, the rebuttal article you linked to did a better job of listing legitimate questions about what the Bible does and does not say about marriage and homosexual and heterosexual relationships.

    The article reminds me of a film called “The God Who Wasn’t There”, which is essentially the rant of a Christian turned atheist. The director opens the film with a long list of commonalities among Christianity and other religions, and at other times manages to make legitimate arguments. However, rather than focus on the valid questions, he spends his time rambling and whining, completely defeating his purpose. On the positive side, if his next anti-Christian film is as bad, Christians will have nothing to fear but themselves.

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