What About the "Canaanite Genocide"?


How does one answer the charge that God sanctioned genocide among the Canaanite peoples? Phil Johnson makes some great points in Truth and Apologetics. There is an answer, a Biblical answer, the right answer, and the only answer necessary; while we “speak the truth in love”, it’s not up to us to defend God or to satisfy every concern of an unbeliever.


  1. Laurie on April 23, 2009 at 9:51 pm

    God doesn’t need defending. To apologize for His actions implies He’s done something wrong, and should we stop talking about sin because unbeliever’s don’t care about God’s laws? Come on now, let’s use some common sense!

    Yes, it can be difficult to address these issues, but there are alot of things about God and the Bible that unbelievers don’t really want to hear, what else is new?

    When I hear about areas where the police are afraid to go, and different parts of the world where atrocities occur on a daily basis, I’m awfully glad I don’t live next door to those folks, so I trust that God had good reason for taking out the Caananites.

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