Weird Uncle Buddy McFly is at it Again


Baseball Commissioner Buddy McFly is once again at his infernal best, finding a couple of new and exciting ways to screw up what used to be America’s Pastime.  “Hey, let’s move the Astros to the American League, and let’s add yet another two teams to the playoffs (so, ostensibly, we can become more and more like the NBA)”.

Weird Uncle Buddy Strikes Again

Hey, let’s add an extra run for super-long homers!  How about adding rubber to the baseball to juice it up so 20-run games will become the norm?  Any other brilliant ideas?  I would put nothing, nothing past this incompetent commissioner and all the other doofuses who run baseball these days.  Sheesh.


  1. Shawn Hanna on November 17, 2011 at 6:48 pm

    We should also not even bother starting the playoff until November. Lets give everyone a month off to rest. Its ridiculous enough that we play the most important games of a warm weather sport in 30 degree weather. On a quick glance, did you know that there has NEVER been a WS between 2 warm weather teams? The only WS where the threat of cold weather didnt exist was in 1992, and that was only because of a dome in Toronto.

    I cant stand interleague play. Now, we get to see it every day. How fun.

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