Tim Keller on Christian Consistency

A midterm soliloquy.

Tim KellerIt’s been a long time. I mean, a very long time. I offer no excuses, though I have been busy (currently rehearsing for the role of Daddy Warbucks in “Annie”; spent a week in Nigeria and another in Mexico since last post; very busy at work, other trips, you name it). It is what it is. I still owe my friend Ken an answer and maybe a few others of you as well. I need to get back to this; maybe after Annie is over, I can do so with regularity.

For now, though, I just read a piece that needs to be read by those who profess to be Christians, in order to be able to answer those who suggest that Christians pick and choose from the Old Testament, that in the current debates regarding homosexuality, for instance, we are unfairly taking some passages from the Law and ignoring others. And most of us aren’t as prepared as we ought to be to answer this charge.

Thankfully, Tim Keller has given a robust response to this challenge. Take the time to read it here:

Old Testament Law and the Charge of Inconsistency

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