This is AMERICA, Mr. President, not AmeriKa


And we do not do things like this in America. At least not the America I want to live in.

Obama Administration Seeks to Regulate Executive Pay

Folks, this kind of stuff, if we don’t fight it tooth-and-nail, will spell the end of our country as we’ve known it. It is none of the government’s business how much a company pays its employees: none. Now, before the fact, if a company wants to accept government “bailout” money (which we also don’t do in the America I want to live in), the government is free to set such stipulations; then, if a company chooses to accept such welfare, and knows the rules going in, that’s fine. This ridiculous law passed in the House the other day, “taxing” the AIG bonuses at 90%, is unconstitutional (and hopefully will be found so, if the Senate is ignorant enough to pass it–and Comrade Obama stooge enough to sign it); neither constitutionally nor morally can you impose such taxes. Not that liberals give a penny rip about the Constitution except when they can find a Republican supposedly acting contrary to it (as the Bush administration undoubtedly did sometimes).

But the idea that government will tell companies how much to pay executives? That’s so foreign to anything that can be labeled “American” that if this goes through, perhaps we begin spelling it “AmeriKa”.

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