The Tragic Legacy of George W. Bush


As George W. Bush rode off into the sunset yesterday, it was a bit hard not to acknowledge the fundamentally decent man that he is. I appreciate much about the man as a person, and I credit him with keeping us safe for over seven years in the wake of 9/11. That said, his economic policies were an unmitigated disaster, exacerbated by the irresponsibility of the past three months. Jack Brooks copies a Newsmax article detailing the debacle that was Bush economic policy.

The Economic Legacy of George W. Bush

Please, reader, do this if you do nothing else: anytime you hear a friend refer to George W. Bush as a “conservative”, as in “he called himself a ‘compassionate conservative'”, do me the favor of correcting them. I believe he is one of the more compassionate people to have occupied the White House in my lifetime, more able to “feel my pain” than the First Felon ever was. But the idea that George W. Bush was, in areas other than the social, anything approaching “conservative” is just laughable. Or worthy of a good cry, depending…


  1. Herald on January 22, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    This has to be the Web of Deceit only to look for the good in bush!!!
    How about this,Daddy and grand daddy bush in the steel business and oil selling to the germans in world war 2,how about the family being part of the new world order which gw kept remarking after 9-11..While sitting in that classroom with those children reading with the book he was holding upside down(that takes talent to read the words backwards and upside down…His war to take down saddam hussein and that the war would be funded by the oil from the fields of Iraq(what a lie)…Him his daddy ,cheney and the other oil gluttens made out with those prceeds(america needs to take a look into their swiss accounts)…Do the american people have their heads in the sands or just where the sun don`t shine…My GOD we have been lied to and polarized into thinking and believing “IN” the system…Well i`m here to tell you that it is about to change…Howdy Doody(obama) built his campaign on change, well let me tell you he will give you change(pennies) and take the dollars from you…I can say thats CHANGE…This love affair over the elete makes me want to Vomit….

  2. Mel on January 23, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    Herald, it’s difficult to understand you when you can’t construct a complete sentence. If I’m to grasp what you just said, you don’t like anybody in the White House…?

    I agree with you here, Byron, Bush wasn’t a true conservative. His economic policies sucked. A true conservative wouldn’t have given us this ridiculous bailout to pay for. But now Obama is continuing it. Eugh.

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