The Consequences of Darwinism


Here’s an article by an honest author who acknowledges that one of the (many) unpleasant legacies of the Darwinist lie is a moral nihilism that logically offers to impediment to evil, up to and including genocide:

Charles Darwin and the Children of Evolution

Ideas truly have consequences. I spoke yesterday on the response of the people of Jerusalem ( Nehemiah 8 ) to the Word of God proclaimed by Ezra. We live in a time when people, “having itching ears”, have turned away from truth and turned aside to fables, Darwinism among them. And when we do, we inevitably reap the consequences.

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  1. TJ LoVerde on November 18, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Howdy, Byron! I believe you meant to say “NO impediment to evil” rather than “to impediment to evil.” Hope all is well.


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