The Consequences of Darwinism


Here’s an article by an honest author who acknowledges that one of the (many) unpleasant legacies of the Darwinist lie is a moral nihilism that logically offers to impediment to evil, up to and including genocide:

Charles Darwin and the Children of Evolution

Ideas truly have consequences. I spoke yesterday on the response of the people of Jerusalem ( Nehemiah 8 ) to the Word of God proclaimed by Ezra. We live in a time when people, “having itching ears”, have turned away from truth and turned aside to fables, Darwinism among them. And when we do, we inevitably reap the consequences.


  1. TJ LoVerde on November 18, 2009 at 3:28 pm

    Howdy, Byron! I believe you meant to say “NO impediment to evil” rather than “to impediment to evil.” Hope all is well.


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