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As Long as We Can Keep It

By Byron / June 28, 2012 /

It was the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in September, 1787, and expectations were running high. Having worked long and hard at crafting the document, and emerging from the room, Benjamin Franklin was asked by an anxious citizen, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” Came the response from…

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Is it Time to Talk about a Tax Revolt?

By Paul Oyler / March 18, 2010 /

That’s a provocative headline, I realize, but it’s a question I am beginning to wonder if it’s time to raise, with my principle reason for asking being the fact that we may need to think about the appropriate way to respond to the concerns Charmaine Yoest raises in this article about the likelihood that the…

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Kucinich Switches His Vote: Now There's a Shock

By Paul Oyler / March 17, 2010 /

He said, tongue firmly in cheek. For all of Mr. Kucinich’s professed allegiance to principle (in his case, of course, far left fringe principle, but principle none the less), this was predictable; this isn’t the first time that the “principled” Kucinich has been a sell-out (and it certainly won’t be the last).  Most people don’t…

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Lying with the Truth

By Paul Oyler / September 3, 2009 /

I’ve been thinking some lately about how it is possible to use the truth to tell a big lie. I saw it happen several weeks back, the reputation of a good man, a good friend of mine, besmirched by a series of “truths” that were constructed and arranged in such a way as to paint…

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