Lying with the Truth


I’ve been thinking some lately about how it is possible to use the truth to tell a big lie. I saw it happen several weeks back, the reputation of a good man, a good friend of mine, besmirched by a series of “truths” that were constructed and arranged in such a way as to paint a picture that was categorically false. I’ll leave that point, but suggest that the same is happening with the President and his portrayal of his health care plan. He is saying some things that are technically true, but he is leaving out many greater truths, known as “unintended consequences” of his health care plan. For instance, he can say with a straight face that his plan doesn’t specify rationing of health care–and technically, he’s probably correct–and yet, what liberals like Obama consistently fail to do is accept reality. The reality is that his numbers don’t work, won’t work, indeed can’t work, and that ultimately, health care rationing is going to be the outcome. No, nothing he’s proposing will call for “death panels”, per se, but we’ve been seeing for decades a certain direction of thought that suggests that there will come a time when economic concerns will trump moral concerns when it comes to treating the elderly, and can anyone say with a straight face, given the enormous costs of this monstrosity, that decisions will be made (by the supervisory structures that are contained in the bill) that will have the effect of choosing who lives and who dies?

But I said all that to point you to this: here is a (Snopes-checked) letter from a real physician, who treats real patients, and who has seen the real impact of government meddling thus far, describing what ObamaCare will really be like. Every American, including you, needs to read this (so read it, and pass it along, please!):

ObamaCare and Me

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