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Kucinich Switches His Vote: Now There's a Shock

By Paul Oyler / March 17, 2010 /

He said, tongue firmly in cheek. For all of Mr. Kucinich’s professed allegiance to principle (in his case, of course, far left fringe principle, but principle none the less), this was predictable; this isn’t the first time that the “principled” Kucinich has been a sell-out (and it certainly won’t be the last).  Most people don’t…

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Lying with the Truth

By Paul Oyler / September 3, 2009 /

I’ve been thinking some lately about how it is possible to use the truth to tell a big lie. I saw it happen several weeks back, the reputation of a good man, a good friend of mine, besmirched by a series of “truths” that were constructed and arranged in such a way as to paint…

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