Stossel on Education


Public education doesn’t work.  If that fact isn’t as plain as the noses on our faces, we’re ignoring reality.  Before I go further, quick aside: I always, when I write on education issues, try to be careful to signal my profound appreciation for the many good public school teachers/administrators out there, who take their jobs seriously, who put their students’ achievement ahead of their own advancement, who sacrifice to help prepare kids for society.  Among these are many fine Christians who see their calling as taking their faith into the classroom–muted as they are required to be about it.  I salute them, applaud them, and appreciate them.

But they are fighting, I believe, a losing battle.  And not to recognize that fact is to doom us to continue the failed educational policies of the past half-century.

The fact is that, as Stossel points out, the elitists in control, from Comrade Obama on down, see more government involvement in our schools as a good thing, when the facts at hand argue just the opposite.  We spend more; we get no discernible results.  Right now, we are spending a boatload of money on public education, with little to show for it; there is effectively no correlation between the amount of money spent on education and the results in the lives of the students (remember that the next time they want to raise your taxes to support education).  As Stossel concludes, “choice works, but government monopolies don’t.”  And he’s right.

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