So the World's Most Selfish Quarterback is Retiring…



Who knows?  He loves pulling this nonsense, dragging along people silly enough to give a rip.  Notable points from the ESPN piece:

“Favre has waffled on retiring every summer since 2002.”

Here’s a man who seriously needs to get over himself.  More importantly,

“The Vikings didn’t pursue a trade for Donovan McNabb and declined to select a quarterback of the future in the draft.”

Here’s a team with two “quarterbacks” who can’t play quarterback, if Brett Favre retires.  This team, primed as it is for a Super Bowl run with Favre, could have taken a run at Donovan McNabb (OK, he’s overrated, but he’s not bad at all, and head-and-shoulders above Sage Rosenfels and Travares Jackson, neither of whom can possibly lead this team to the Super Bowl.).  Or, at the very least, the team could have drafted a rookie QB (OK, should have done that anyway).  But no…banking that the Exalted Ego would return for one more season, the Vikings passed on these options.  Now, already into training camp, the Vikings (apparently) are about to learn that Lucy has pulled the ball away from Charlie.

What’s true on the football field is true off the field as well: live by Brett Favre, and you’ll die by Brett Favre.

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