Postal Service Health Care


Sound good to you? I just spent better part of 20 minutes trying to get a simple answer to a simple question–and it’ll take another hour of research, according to the fellow who finally came out to talk with me. I had asked, “where’s the church’s mail, since I put in a mail-forwarding request on October 30th, and haven’t seen a single piece of mail yet?”

Yeah, I can’t wait to have these same folks (and their same level of competence) making decisions on how to treat my medical issues.

Update: The dear gentleman called me back and “had no record that we’d ever put in a change-of-address order”.

And the dear doctor called back and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Harvey, but we have no record of your previous health issues. Please refresh my memory: did you have terminal cancer or a slight backache?”

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