Only in Washington


The sky is falling.

Well, at least if the pundits are to be believed. The so-called “SuperCommittee” didn’t turn out to be so super after all, and was unable to agree to budget cuts this week, so according to a previous decision (one now being protested by Republicans and Democrats alike, and one being correctly defended, at least thus far, by President Obama), automatic “cuts” will kick in.

What…you noticed the quotation marks around the word “cuts”? Pray tell, why are they there? Simple: because as we’ve known for some time, “cuts” in Washington aren’t like “cuts” in your household or mine. Yep, that’s right, they’ve done it again; Washington isn’t truly “cutting” anything by making these “draconian cuts”; they’re just decreasing the big increase in spending by a little bit. Graphically represented, here is what our paragons of courage have done:

Yep, that’s right; even with the “sequester”, the federal budget increases by nearly two trillion dollars in nine years’ time.

Thank goodness the Republicans on the SuperCommittee didn’t capitulate to the leftists on the committee and do something less—including raising taxes.

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