Obama: Rescuing Everyone from the Truth


Great piece by Roger Scruton on the difference between conservative and liberal thinking, and why Europeans love Comrade Obama so much that they awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize:

Totalitarian Sentimentality


  1. Graham on January 4, 2010 at 9:48 am

    “Europeans love Comrade Obama so much that they awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize”.

    Hmm. I am a European, and proud to be a European, and- perhaps my memory is going- but I cannot remember being asked to vote on who should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe there was an extra voting slip in with the European Parliament ballot paper- I might need to contact the local council.

    Americans love Comrade Obama so much that they elected him President! In November 2008 it wasn’t a horde of Europeans rushing across the Atlantic and casting votes for him. The Senate Democrats can’t thank Europe for giving them that filibuster-proof majority- it was their fellow Americans to thank.

    The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded by a Norwegian committee. OK, Norway is *geographically* part of Europe, but is distinct. It had chosen- a few times- to remain outside the European Union. That’s their choice. But to say that “Europeans” gave Mr Obama the Prize is equivalent to, if a Mexican committee gave someone a prize, saying that “Americans” gave that prize to its recipient.

    Dr Scruton goes on about the “European elite”- who are these people? Who selects them? Is there an “American elite”?

    I note that he comments that to be known as a social conservative is to lose the chance of getting prestigious prizes and of a favourable review in publications such as “New York Times.” Ah, so there is an “American elite”, which is just as liberal as the “European elite”.

    I was interested in Dr Scruton’s comments about sentimentalists who pass “hate speech” laws and invent crimes like “Islamophobia.” I assume that the sentimentalist he was talking about was Tony Blair.

  2. Byron on January 7, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    Yes, there is an “American elite”, Graham, and they correspond to the European elite that he references. It’s the hoity-toity liberal patrician establishment, the kind of folks who like to be thought of as “the elite”, above the hoi polloi and the great unwashed. Every country has ’em. And every country has its sentimentalists (American government is dominated by them); they pass silly things like “hate crimes” legislation and the like.

    And Europeans do seem to love Mr. Obama, as does much of the rest of the world; he’s achieved rock-star status among many:



    It would appear that loons of a feather vote together, and thus the same impetus that caused Americans to lose their minds over The Greatest Teleprompter Reader of Them All has made Europeans do the same. It’s sort of funny that now we’re seeing the difference–commented upon here by some folks–between the real Obama and the “Idea of Obama”. Everybody loves the “Idea of Obama”, but the real thang ain’t much…

    Don’t be offended by his remarks; he’s not referring to sane-thinking people like you.

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