Newt? Seriously?


Please, no.  Please, please, no.

Not Newt Gingrich.  Republicans, do not offer us this man as the conservative alternative to Barack Hussein Obama.  Newt Gingrich is not an acceptable candidate, and under no circumstances will he receive my vote.  None.

See, if Republicans are foolish enough to nominate the current “flavor of the month”, they will deserve to lose, for doing so will demonstrate a galling hypocrisy.  Back when the First Felon was president, conservative-types rightly decried his serial womanizing, his lying, his borderline sexual assault, his perjury.  We said, again rightly, that while being a great president involved a lot more than being a good man, it could never involve less.  We shuddered as we heard revelation after revelation of his misadventures, and we were repulsed by what even his friends referred to as his “Clintonian” approach to truth.

Fast-forward to Newt Gingrich; need I connect the dots?  For all his peccadilloes, Bill Clinton has remained married to…that woman…for over thirty years.  I need not rehearse the scummy behavior of Mr. Gingrich here; it’s a matter of public record.  And I’m not even talking about alleged ethics issues, Fannie Mae, etc.

Not to mention the fact that Newt Gingrich, much like Herman Cain, cannot win the presidency (incidentally, the piece I wrote on Herman Cain—and why I was not a supporter of his, much as I like him—certainly seems prescient, doesn’t it, in the wake of his missteps with regard to allegations of tomfoolery, with regard to his foreign policy slip-ups, etc.).  Barack Obama, bad a president as he has been, and as much as the bloom is off the rose, is a slick enough campaigner to turn on the charm and defeat Mr. Gingrich, who has so many easily-exploitable liabilities that it won’t even take a skilled Democrat operative to pick him apart.

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