My Second Response to Ann Coulter


After writing a column two weeks ago simultaneously criticizing Dr. Kent Brantly as “idiotic” and all American Christians who go on mission trips as those who “slink off” to other countries because they are “tired of fighting the culture war” and “Christian narcissists”, Ann Coulter has (predictably) doubled-down with her latest column. She suggests that she’d planned a response to her critics, but that because all they did was to call her names, there was nothing to respond to (having never called names herself, it’s easy to see why she’d be so upset).

If I’d only sent her the piece I wrote, as I was urged to do by a friend…

But alas, I shall respond in greater detail and with clear facts to her rather fact-free articles (she apparently couldn’t be bothered to do a modicum of research, as I pointed out last week). But first, a little housekeeping; her claim not to have “mocked” Dr. Brantly, as she says Peter Wehner accused her of doing, is absurd on its face. The title of her first column, as given on her own website, is “Ebola Doc’s Condition Downgraded to ‘Idiotic’”. Seems to me a fair-minded, reasonable person might perchance consider that mocking, but not Ann…draw your own conclusions as to the ramifications of that.

Now to the things I found on the internet (most of which I found in five minutes time, with one simple search, something that apparently was too cumbersome a task for Ann); given her distaste for foreign missions, and her complaint that we can’t seem to “serve Christ in America anymore”, she ought to be greatly heartened:
• American Christians spend 95% of offerings on home-based ministry.
• The average American Christian gives only 1 penny a day to global missions.
• Americans spend roughly as much money on global missions as on dieting plans.
• 30 million people will die this year without ever hearing the message of Jesus.
• One child dies every four seconds somewhere in the world because of an easily-preventable disease. Effectively none of those children die in the United States.
• The continent of Africa, where Dr. Brantly served (and will again, by the grace of God), has 2.3 healthcare workers per 1000 people, whereas the Americas have nearly 25 per 1000 people. Nearly 60 countries there have a critical healthcare shortage, a deficit of approximately 2.5 million healthcare workers.
• And reiterating what I wrote previously, though I don’t have actual statistics to back this up, is there any doubt, any question at all, that America (and the English-speaking world) is blessed with the majority of the world’s Christian radio stations, Scripture translations, Christian books and bookstores, Bible colleges and seminaries and training opportunities, etc.? Can it even be argued otherwise, that America does not have a veritable plethora of advantages when it comes to Christian faith?

Now, I will agree with Ann on one point: it is neither appropriate nor Christian to attempt to determine the fate of her soul. I am in no place to judge that. But judging the depth of her Biblical understanding and the fully-orbed nature of her Christian worldview is a different matter, and from her words, it’s quite clear that these are significantly lacking.

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