More "Gay Marriage" Silliness


USA Today this morning says that NY Governor David Paterson will introduce legislation to legalize “same-sex marriage” in New York state. Notice his rationale:

“‘There is clearly a problem’ when gays and lesbians in civil unions are denied civil protections such as health care and pension rights because they’re not married.”

With leaders like Paterson, whose paper-thin reason expresses the seeming rationale du jour of the “intellectual elites” (snicker, snicker, guffaw), no wonder our country is in full handbasket mode. So let’s rehearse it again:

1. I had a discussion on Warren Throckmorton’s website with a fellow a few months back and I made this point: over and over again, the rationale for “gay marriage” is expressed in terms of “rights” and “protections”, when in fact, nobody in their right mind gets married to gain “rights and protections”. This fellow insisted that he’d rarely if ever heard that as the rationale; it’s practically the only one I’ve ever heard.

2. There are other ways to grant “civil protections” to people other than completely redefining the institution of marriage.

3. I’ve now officially come to the conviction that the state should get out of the business of granting marriage licenses. For the majority of our nation’s history, the state did not do this–and we got along just fine. It’s time for the state to get back out of the business.

4. Insert the word “polygamists” in place of “gays and lesbians”, and then someone explain to me how Mr. Paterson can justify denying them “civil protections” on the basis that “they’re not married”. Good luck.

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  1. Derlin on April 15, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    I’m absolutely behind you on #3. I think if the government got out of the business of marriage licensing, most of these “problems” would vanish. If the government wants to issue rights and protections, so be it. I’d rather have them locked in for any pair of people, whether husband and wife, brother and sister, mother and daughter, or friend and friend. Two people caring about each other is great. Government meddling into how we choose to figure that out is not.

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