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Now and again, I like to “pitch” things I believe in. Those of you who know me will consider that an understatement (have we had the Krispy Kreme, or Quizno’s, conversation?). One organization I’ve come to believe in is LifeSharers.

It’s free to join, and the concept is astonishingly simple: we have a shortage of transplantable organs in this country owing to a lot of factors; I won’t get into my libertarian argument for allowing the sale of organs here (that’s one that’d get some of you fired up, and I’m not up for it right now, OK?). So here’s how LifeSharers works: you agree to donate your organs upon your death. Other LifeSharers do as well. You designate that other LifeSharers members get “dibs” on your organs should they need them–and you get “dibs” on theirs. Moves those willing to be organ donors to the front of the line as organ recipients. It’s just that simple. And that morally, ethically, and common-sensically right: people willing to share of their own organs, particularly since our government deems it illegal to receive payment for organs, gain first shot at organs should they need them.

It’ll take you about five minutes, probably, to join. I get no referral fee or anything other than the satisfaction of helping you and other people. And that’s good enough for me. Go join LifeSharers now. The life you save may be your own.

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