John MacArthur on Oral Roberts


This is a sobering post on the legacy of Oral Roberts:

Measuring Oral Roberts’ Influence

One certainly hopes that Oral Roberts is now rejoicing with Jesus in Heaven, and there is little doubt in my mind that some very good things happened as a result of Mr. Roberts’ influence. At the same time, there is little doubt in my mind that much harm was done through his spurious Prosperity Theology teaching (I always had associated such with the Kenneths–Hagin and Copeland–as well as Benny Hinn, Smilin’ Joey, and a few others, but MacArthur points out the difference between Prosperity “Theology” and Word-Faith “theology”, and it’s clear that Mr. Roberts must assume a lot of responsibility for this awful movement). The gospel of Jesus doesn’t square with Prosperity teaching, and we must never, ever be fooled by the size of one’s ministry as an indicator of the blessing of God or of the rightness of one’s theology.

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