Is it Time to Draw Some Lines in the Sand?


First, as I mentioned a couple days ago in Free for Coming, the courts in New Jersey ruled that eHarmony, founded by a Christian, Neil Clark Warren, had to offer a system whereby homosexuals could also be matched on “29 dimensions of personality”.

The eHarmony Shakedown

Now, of course, President-Elect Obama has promised that the Freedom of Choice Act would be at the top of his priority list; this godless legislation would effectively strike down all restrictions on abortion, and compel all hospitals with obstetrics programs to perform abortions. Never mind that a significant percentage of the nation’s hospitals are run by religious groups, notably Catholics, who are determined not to allow abortions to take place in their hospitals. And thus the question is raised:

Will the Catholic Bishops Shut Down the Hospitals?

In my humble opinion, the time has come to draw a line in the sand. Neil Clark Warren? Shut down eHarmony; your dream entailed helping couples find compatible marriage partners, not contribute to the moral decline of our nation. Catholic bishops? If FOCA is passed, and it comes down to it, shut down the Catholic hospitals. Will Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem close? Will others? There are principles at stake, and if people of faith do not defend the First Amendment against the encroachment of a government intoxicated with its own power, who will?


  1. Derlin on November 27, 2008 at 4:49 am

    Unfortunately I agree with you. Shutting down these services may be the only way of showing the true impact of overreaching legislative or judicial branches since it impacts so many people.

    I like the author’s suggestion to have heterosexuals sue homosexual only dating sites for access to heterosexual partners. If the eHarmony decision is “correct”, that seems only fair. I don’t think the law, ,in general, should dictate what kinds of dating sites and relationships are permissible. Businesses can cater to whom they will, and people can find one that caters to them, or start their own. eHarmony should be required to tolerate gay members, just like any other business (and nothing in the article suggests they ever did anything otherwise), but that does not mean it needs to sell a product that gays are interested in.

    Wow, rereading that last sentence of mine makes me wonder if I can now sue my local hardware store because they don’t sell hot dogs. I’m no judge, but that seems to be the legal precedent set.

  2. Derlin on November 27, 2008 at 5:35 am

    There have been many times when I’ve left a store empty handed because they didn’t carry what I wanted. Now I know that the proper way to handle that disappointment is to sue the store! This is a chilling decision for any business.

  3. Laurie on November 28, 2008 at 1:16 am

    Amazing when you consider how the No on Prop. 8 crowd here in Calif. have been screaming so loudly that the Yes on 8 campaign ads that said if 8 didn’t pass homosexual marriage would be taught in public schools were lies – that supporters of Prop 8 are hateful bigots using fear to ban gay marriage.

    They’re refusing to accept the will of the voters, claiming it’s a civil rights issue. Lawsuits have been filed and the CA Supreme Court is reviewing the issue.

    Don’t know if you saw it on the news but they’ve staged many protests – in L.A. and West Hollywood police in riot gear kept order as these protestors, who did not have a permit, stopped traffic.

    This is only the beginning, folks.

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