Irena Sendler: A True Hero of Peace


A few minutes ago, my sister forwarded me an email about a true hero, a lady who passed away three months ago, by the name of Irena Sendler. Here’s Glenn Beck’s tribute to her life:

Here’s what wrote:

Irena Sendler

Tells you about all you need to know about the folks who hand out the Nobel Peace Prize, that it was given to Al Gore for his phony-baloney slideshow, instead of to a real hero: Irena Sendler.


  1. Laurie on August 5, 2008 at 1:17 pm

    That made me feel sick to my stomach; what kind of bizarre thinking would make Al Gore more of a hero than this brave lady? The real heroes will never get this award – Jesus should get it every year, just like the Bible should be #1 on the Best Seller’s List every week.

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