If You're Not Outraged by Obama's Hubris…


you’re just not paying attention. The administration has effectively fired the president of GM. “Outrageous” isn’t too strong a word for this ridiculous, unconstitutional nonsense. Of course, I was outraged by George W. Bush’s hubris in going over Congress to give billions to GM and Chrysler in the first place.

The lesson for companies, of course, is that when you climb in bed with government, you’ll catch every icky disease government gives. Much has been made of so-called “faith-based initiatives”, with government wanting to partner with churches and non-profits to “do good” (a Bush idea). You think there’s a chance under the sun that I would ever, ever accept one thin dime from the government?

Here’s my answer to the government “bailing out” Chrysler and GM, and firing GM’s president: under no circumstances will I ever consider purchasing a GM or Chrysler. I’d encourage every patriotic American to take the same position. Buy a Ford; buy a Toyota; buy a Honda. But never a Chevy or a Chrysler, at least not until these companies pay the American taxpayer back every dime with interest.

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