Ida: Missing Link, or the Next American Idol?


So, you’ve heard of Ida, the “missing link” that proves Darwinism? She’s the latest rock star of the fossil world, and her mug has been splashed all over the place for the last couple of weeks, accompanied by breathless words of praise from hyperventilating science-types (“the missing link is no longer missing!” – Sir David Attenborough). This is it; we can put the ID’ers in their place once and for all, and those darn creationists will have nothing to say about this one! Only…

Only the likelihood is that we’ve seen this movie before. Many times. Where’s “Lucy” these days, by the way? A fossil is wheeled out that proves something important–but after further review, is either a hoax (plenty of those in the Darwinist wastebasket) or an overhyped, ultimately insignificant relic. Chances seem great that this is the case again:

Seeking a Missing Link and a Mass Audience

Overblown Claims and a Worrying Precedent

Ida the Lemur and Media Manipulation

So the chances seem less-than-stellar that Ida will live up to the hype, but they seem excellent that she’ll prove to be the next American Idol.


  1. Jack Brooks on May 28, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    It’s just a lemur, isn’t it? A variety of lemur?

    Ironically, the fact that the entire skeleton was discovered whole, intact, and fossilized, supports the idea of a catastrophe. Lemurs who drop over dead in the forest tend to get picked apart by scavengers, their bones scattered to the winds. And the last time I looked, the average KFC chicken bone wasn’t getting massively mineralized just by lying out there along the shoulder.

    True, ardent evolutionists are like the Darwinist version of Ronald Weinland followers.

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