I Keep Waiting for the Evangelical Lefties…


There are at least two sites I keep on my Blogroll which are dominated by people I’d call “evangelical lefties”, folks that I accept as evangelicals who nonetheless supported Comrade Obama for president. I keep waiting to hear them post anything–anything–on the Anointed One they supported for president. All I’ve gotten in three months is one post from one of them disagreeing (to his credit, vehemently) with FOCA, one of Obama’s big things. But their boy is about to sign a massive, massive spending bill, unprecedented in American history (save for the awful bailout nonsense Bush signed), and all I hear is crickets.

Now, people from both of those blogs were, at least at one time, loyal readers of this blog, so I’m hereby calling them out: do you evangelical lefties support what Obama is doing in this spending bill? Do you guys like the stuff you see out of this administration? You loved him in the election; how do you like him now?

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