George Will's Interesting Take on the Republican Candidates


is found here.

This piece is well-worth the read, exposing, among other things, a side of Jon Huntsman that I was unaware of (in Will’s eyes, Huntsman’s program is “the most conservative”). He has a great take on Rick Perry’s stumbling campaign, and why Republicans ought to look at what matters instead of what the banal media wants to tell us matters:

Rick Perry (disclosure: my wife, Mari Will, advises him) has been disappointing in debates. They test nothing pertinent to presidential duties but have become absurdly important. Perry’s political assets remain his Texas record and Southwestern zest for disliking Washington and Wall Street simultaneously and equally.

He also gives us more perspective on the pathetic idea that Newt Gingrich ought to be the Republican standard-bearer. Great read.

UPDATE: Ramesh Ponnuru has another great piece on why Newt Gingrich is the wrong man at the wrong time. Oh, and he’s really not any more consistently conservative than noted flip-flopper Flip Flopney.

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