Freshening Up


This blog has had the same basic look and feel for a number of years, and I decided that it was time to freshen up the look of this place. Now that I’ve got it linked up with my Facebook page, and now that I’m back into the fray, it was time. I’m still tidying up a few things, but I hope that you’ll jump back in as a regular reader. Best way to do that, by the way, is to subscribe to the blogs you enjoy (this one at the TOP of the LIST, of course…) through Google Reader or another subscription service. Anyway, thanks for hanging with me all these years, you faithful ones, and welcome to the site, newbies (where you been all my life???).

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  1. Shane Ryans on July 19, 2012 at 7:26 am

    I really like the new look and look forward to checking out your facebook and other things you have got going on.

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