Election Day 2008


It appears, from all that we’ve seen, that unless some major upset is brewing, we’ll awaken tomorrow to learn (if we don’t already know it this evening) that Barack Obama is our next president. We may awaken to learn that the Democrats have achieved a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, though I don’t expect that. Every regular reader of this blog knows that, despite the one historical positive of having elected a black president, I believe that this turn of events will have a negative effect on our nation, perhaps an irreversibly-negative effect. I do not believe Barack Obama to be qualified to be president; I believe that his policies range from the naive to the dangerous; I believe that, if we choose Obama, we’ll be choosing the devil we really don’t know over the devil that we do (John McCain).

But I also believe in a sovereign God.

And I also agree with the sentiments of the writer of this post, from Christianity Today’s Out of Ur blog:

The Hansen Report: The Day After

Noteworthy line: “Elections make intelligent people say and do unintelligent things. But they also make faithful people talk and act as if they had little faith.”

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