Down is Up, and Up is Down…


At least for some folks…

America is in the midst of genocide, and a significant portion of the victims of genocide are African-American kids.  Of course, I’m talking about the holocaust of abortion.  And one outfit has begun to advertise in the Atlanta area about the fact that

Black Children are an Endangered Species

The connected website is TooManyAborted, and it tells the stories of how little black kids are being murdered in the womb, as well as the story of the Negro Project, a plot initiated by the white supremacist Margaret Sanger, who began Planned Parenthood.  The truth is devastating, of course…which is why liberal feminist loons will be up in arms.

Check that: one already is.  Here’s the quote by Spelman College professor Beverly Guy-Sheftall:

“To use racist arguments to try to bait black people to get them to be anti-abortion is just disgusting.”

OK…let me get this straight, Ms. Guy-Sheftall: it’s not racist to abort millions of little black kids in an effort, begun by Ms. Sanger, to racially-cleanse American society, but it is racist to call attention to that fact.  She went on:

“Many black people don’t know who Margaret Sanger is and could care less.”

OK…so instead of educating people as to who she was and her agenda, you’d rather leave members of your own race in the dark about the vile agenda she promoted.  Oh, and you are an educator?

Down is up, and up is down, apparently for the Ms. Guy-Sheftalls of the world…


  1. Derlin on February 15, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    It’s people like Beverly Guy-Sheftall who make people like Sally Jenkins so refreshing to read.

    You don’t have to agree with me on any particular topic, but please talk sensibly!

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