Carrie Keeps Her Crown…So What?


So I’m riding down the road yesterday morning listening to Glenn Beck (of course!), and he cuts into the press conference with Donald Trump dealing with whether or not Carrie Prejean will be allowed to keep her title as Miss California. And my first thought was, what am I rooting for to be the outcome? And then it dawns on me, almost immediately: not only do I not care one way or the other, it bothers me that any Christian would have a rooting interest in the matter of a beauty queen keeping her title. Literally, what does it matter? Why do we care about stuff like this?

And then this morning, I get my weekly email copy of the “Church Leaders Intelligence Report”, and it takes up an entire paragraph to report on this story. Really. I’m struggling to imagine what possible difference it makes to the health and growth of Christ’s church what happens with this situation.

And maybe the fact that this “matters” is all the evidence we need that the evangelical church has gone way, way off the beam…


  1. Mark Merritt on May 14, 2009 at 12:55 am

    I would care little except that we see a disturbing hypocrisy from the far left on this one. Miss California was merely vocalizing the same belief about gay marriage that our current president has. How many far left wingnuts (did I just make that up?) who voted for Obama feel she should be stripped of her crown? I wonder if they feel the office of the President isn’t worthy of their outrage?

    Can we ask Trump to remove Obama from the presidency? Oh wait, it’s George Soros who’s in charge of that show…

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