And While We're Talking about Taxes and Tea Parties…


It would do us good to peruse what the “loyal opposition” is saying, as exemplified by another writer in USA Today, this time a guy they gave a column to:

Yes, I Love Paying Taxes

I sincerely appreciate Mr. Benjamin’s patriotism and don’t question it one whit: what I question is

  • Does he really understand what the Tea Party movement is all about?
  • Does he understand the red herrings that litter his piece and demonstrate, once again, the convoluted reasoning of so many liberal types?
  • Does he seriously believe that the Founding Fathers envisioned the big government, bureaucratic mess that Washington has become?  Seriously?  With a straight face?
  • Does he really think that comparing us to Europe or Japan persuades anybody who can think for himself?
  • Does he really lack the imagination to envision an America that can accomplish not only what he envisions, but so much more, without the mess we have today, particularly the horrid entity he professes to love so much, the income tax?
  • And does he really, honestly, “secretly love the ritual” of paying income taxes?  Does he also love, I don’t know, diphtheria, brussel sprouts, and the designated hitter?  Sheesh…

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