Americans for Truth: Party to More Lies


Following my post of last evening, Americans for Truth published this letter, written by a parent of prospective Grove City College students:

Virginia Parents Leery…

This is pure poppycock, and for AFT to publish it—given its distortions (likely created by irresponsible outlets such as AFT and perhaps others)—is to give at least tacit approval to its outlandish claims.  According to the author, a “Margaret Hemenway” of Alexandria, Virginia, Warren Throckmorton is guilty of “open advocacy of homosexuality” who is guilty of “crusad(ing) on behalf  of homosexuality”, likening his actions to “advocat(ing) openly for adultery, pornography, or prostitution”.

Now, I don’t fault Mrs. Hemenway too much—she’s been stirred to this frenzy by the half-truths and out-of-context distortions that she’s read and/or heard via “Christian radio”.  Mr. LaBarbera knows these words written by an undoubtedly well-meaning, but misled lady, to be distortions of the truth—but he publishes them approvingly.  Tell the truth, Mr. LaBarbera; that’s the least that a professing Christian is called to do.

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