Abortion is, and Always Will Be, a Crime


On this date in 1973, as we all know, a renegade Supreme Court, in an act of significant judicial activist overreach, struck down laws in all fifty states regulating the practice of abortion. In the ensuing 41 years, over 50 million abortions have been committed. In the eyes of the United States Supreme Court, this is not a crime. The Supreme Court is wrong.

Abortion is, and always will be, a crime in the eyes of Almighty God. God is the Giver of life, and the casual destruction of life will always be wrong. Truth is not on the auction block; right and wrong don’t depend on the whims of society, the pronouncements of a jurist, issues of convenience or cost. Nothing changes this fact: abortion is a dreadful sin against a holy God.

Abortion is, and always will be, a crime against the weak
. When I was a kid growing up, we knew instinctively that we were supposed to take up for the weak against the bullies. We knew that might did not make right. The “logic” of abortion on demand suggests otherwise, that if we have the power to rid ourselves of this little nuisance, why shouldn’t we? Aren’t we bigger than it is?

Abortion is, and always will be, a crime against reason. If you doubt this, ask yourself this question: should it be legal to kill a four-year-old? No? What if the mother is in dire financial straits? No? What if the four-year-old is “one more mouth to feed, and there isn’t enough for the other kids”? No? What if, “my husband left me with all these kids”? No? Why not? Oh…because “that’s a child”. I see. Because “we don’t take human life; that’s murder!” OK. So…is that thing in the womb living, or dead? Right; it’s living. Is it human, or something else, like an antelope or a cantaloupe? Right; it’s human. So…we have a living human being. But the fact that it doesn’t draw on the wall with crayons, wet the bed at night, or have a name like “Skyler” means we can kill it, right? Yeah…that makes sense. De-humanize it, and you can kill it. Yep.

Or, we hide behind euphemisms…”products of conception”…”terminating” a “fetus”…”surgical procedure”…because we can’t bear to call it what it is: the premeditated taking of a human life.

And so the crimes continue, so frequently that we run the risk of becoming numb to their reality. Further, I fear that there is a segment of the church that tends to minimize the significance of this crime. Others would so greatly expand the definition of the term “pro-life” as to include all manner of things, further diluting the importance of this one fact, that life as created in the image of God is to be revered, cherished, and protected. It’s not that the environment isn’t an area about which Christians should have appropriate concern; it’s not that the death penalty isn’t something Christians should think about soberly; it isn’t that issues of poverty and justice are unimportant. What it is, is this: the right to life is fundamental, the first right, and the protection of that right is, and must be, first priority.

Because the wanton taking of life, through the means of abortion, is a crime.


  1. Olin R. Park on February 9, 2014 at 5:15 am

    The Court asserted that the government had two competing interests – protecting the mother’s health and protecting the “potentiality of human life”. Following its earlier logic, the Court stated that during the first trimester, when the procedure is more safe than childbirth , the decision to abort must be left to the mother and her physician. The State has the right to intervene prior to fetal viability only to protect the health of the mother, and may regulate the procedure after viability so long as there is always an exception for preserving maternal health. The Court additionally added that the primary right being preserved in the Roe decision was that of the physician’s right to practice medicine freely absent a compelling state interest – not women’s rights in general.

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