A Sad Break from Hiatus


Only long enough to post the sad news that another great friend of mine, Pastor Bobby Edwards, has passed away. The past 16 months have now seen two of the finest men I’ve ever counted as friends depart this life for an eternity with Christ. Though Bobby’s departure was not sudden, as was Rusty’s, it is nonetheless, humanly-speaking, a bitter pill to swallow. It is true, as I said of Rusty, that “we sorrow not as those who have no hope”, according to Scripture, and I’ve seen that true on so many occasions, but at the same time, the Bible does not say, “we sorrow not”, for if it did, it wouldn’t be true.

I’d have to think long and hard to come up with a contemporary of mine who fulfilled Micah 6:8 as did Bobby. His loss is profound to many, beginning with his family: his wife, Donna, a high school friend of mine, and his children Allison, Austin, and Emily, three wonderful kids. Though most of you readers did not have the privilege of knowing Bobby, if you’d lift up his dear family in prayer as you read this, I’d so much appreciate it.

I’m going back on hiatus, but I could not fail to leave at least a brief tribute to this compassionate pastor, devoted husband and father, and tremendous friend. Bobby, ’til we meet again at the Master’s feet…

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