A Moment of Mourning, Y'all


Boy, I’m gonna miss ’em.

I’m sorry, were they still operating? On what, 11 channels with 138 listeners total or something?

And the amazing thing is, liberals won’t learn from this (witness the blame-shifting in the article; it’s “the economy”…snicker, snicker); they are so out-of-touch and tone-deaf to the American public that they won’t realize what should be obvious: liberal programming doesn’t work because people instinctively know a good, logical argument based on reason when they see one–and “arguments” based on mushy feelings, ad hominem attacks, and name-calling get old real fast.


  1. Daron on January 23, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    And since nobody wants to listen to them and they can’t compete with the content people do want to engage with, the next step is to shut down the source of that content.

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